changeling 30th anniversary project

Greetings, all! As discussed on the podcast and on our Discord (, we’ve got Plans for the upcoming 30th anniversary of Changeling: the Dreaming. First and foremost is that we intend to produce somewhere between nine and thirteen homebrew supplements for the Storyteller’s Vault, in collaboration with our listener community. Our list so far, in no particular order:

  • Lore of the Kiths — history, secrets, crunchy bits, and more for each of the 13 core kiths
  • Book of Gremayre — a compendium of sorceries and curious magics for the core kiths
  • The Changeling Cookbook — recipes for the discerning fae
  • Fiefs of Bright Paradise — a region sourcebook for the Caribbean and environs
  • [Book of Seemings] — considering changeling life cycles and their repercussions; title is still in the works
  • Kithbook: Merfolk — exactly what it sounds like
  • The Dream-Burrow Debacle — a pooka-centric ready-made chronicle book
  • Storyteller’s Kaleidoscope — advice, ideas, and a panoply of options for C20 Storytellers
  • [Inanimae] — overhauling the inanimae to make them more playable; title is also subject to change
  • a Balkan/Southeast Europe region book
  • a Book of Nod-style lorebook
  • an in-depth consideration of the Nunnehi

The plan is to release roughly one title per month in 2025. Our present authorial team is working to draft the first several these titles, but if you’re also interested in working with us to produce this content, we’re happy to consider your assistance! Please email with the following information:

  1. Your Discord name; we’re coordinating the projects through our server
  2. Your experience with Changeling: the Dreaming (be as detailed as you can!) and/or other WoD games
  3. Your experience with creating/publishing homebrew content
  4. Which of these roles you would be interested in: writer, editor, proofreader, artist, designer, playtester, chef…
  5. Which titles from the list above you are interested in helping with (please rank them in order of preference)

We might have one or two additional slots on the docket as well, and while we’ve got ideas in reserve, we’re also open to your pitches for books. If you’ve got a burning desire to create some homebrew but feel that you need assistance, guidance, and/or cheerleading, you are invited to send us a pitch to include your project in this event. In this case, send us an email with the following:

  1. Your Discord name, as above
  2. Your experience with Changeling: the Dreaming and/or other WoD games
  3. Your experience with creating/publishing homebrew content
  4. Overall concept (and optional title) for your book
  5. Reasons why you think this book would be helpful for/interesting to the community
  6. Any specific topics you want to include
  7. Any existing canon or homebrew material you want to link to
  8. Estimated word/page count (can be flexible, but the longer you think this book will be, the sooner you should send the pitch)
  9. Roles you see CtP providing in the production (writing assistance, editing, layout, art direction…)
  10. Any other details

Be as detailed as possible! We will give preference to ideas that are well thought-out, and that open up new directions for the Changeling experience. If we decide not to move forward with your proposal, don’t be dismayed! We are supportive of all homebrew efforts, and if you want to continue with your project even if it’s not under the aegis of Changeling 30, one or both of us might be able to offer some assistance.

Aside from being on the production team, there will certainly be other opportunities to get involved along the way! And regardless, our Patreon ( will have advance and/or behind-the-scenes information about our progress. We look forward to working with you and the rest of the community to help bring this dream to life.