episode 44 – the shining host with pete woodworth

Changeling the Podcast
Changeling the Podcast
episode 44 – the shining host with pete woodworth

…no, not the pseudo-Kithbook: Sidhe. We already covered that book, if you’ll remember Episode 11. This time we’ll be talking about the similarly named but wholly different The Shining Host, Changeling’s entry in the LARP (Live-Action RolePlaying) universe of Mind’s Eye Theatre. Given the alignment between the themes and mechanics of Changeling: the Dreaming and, well, make-believe, it’s a natural fit for this more performative style of roleplaying. Part book dive and part exploration of the role-playing style, this episode is also one of those situations where Josh has extensive experience and Pooka has basically zero, and the disparity in knowledge is quite apparent. But we have a special guest to help us out this time: the book’s author, and eventual MET/C20 developer, Pete Woodworth! With such knowledgeable guides, surely even a pooka can come out of this episode having learned something.

You can purchase the book at https://www.storytellersvault.com/product/1491?affiliate_id=3063731, for your LARP education and edification (edufication?), and check out Pete’s other work at:

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