episode 50 – thirteen films for inspiration

Changeling the Podcast
Changeling the Podcast
episode 50 – thirteen films for inspiration

Our fiftieth (full-length) installment! Thanks to all who have been listening, especially those with us from the start, and we hope the next fifty are enjoyable. It seemed right to close out that milestone, and the first half of Season 2, with something a bit more relaxed. So here we are with another inspirations episode, this time on thirteen films that we think are particularly suited for Changeling: the Dreaming. (It would’ve been ten like the other inspirations episodes, but there was no way we could have kept it to that few.) This is a mix of movies officially recommended in the books and some of our own picks, a balance between overtly fae-themed films and others that more generally reflect the themes of the game. In order of discussion, here are the trailers. Some of them are excessively Hollywood, for which you have our apologies:

We also mention like thirty others at different points, including those suggested by our listeners. And where can you get in touch with us if you have comments or contributions to share? Well:

Our freehold is always welcome to you, so do stop by.

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Un film est une source pétrifiante de la pensée. (A film is a petrified fountain of thought.)”
—Jean Cocteau, Le testament d’Orphée