episode 55 — advanced storytelling techniques

Changeling the Podcast
Changeling the Podcast
episode 55 — advanced storytelling techniques

There are at least as many styles of Storytelling (or DMing, or Gamemastering, or whatever) as there are Storytellers, most of whom have Strong Opinions about the best way to do things. We’ve had a bit of discussion here and there over our two seasons, but this week we—along with special guest and veteran Storyteller, Fetch—are having a roundtable on advanced Storytelling techniques we favor. This is especially geared towards Storytellers who have run a few Changeling games and gotten the hang of things, but are looking to try some new and more complex methods at their table. Have a listen, and perhaps you’ll get some ideas to deploy for your next session…!

We also have a whole mess of links this time around. First, two other episodes that are centered on the ins and outs of the Storytelling role:

Three other media outlets whose work we appreciate and recommend for game-running guidance:

A book of Pooka’s that got mentioned for story hook ideas, and a link to Fetch’s Discord for many gaming opportunities:

And our usual battery of social media posts:

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