episode 58 – fool’s luck: way of the commoner

Changeling the Podcast
Changeling the Podcast
episode 58 – fool's luck: way of the commoner

We’ve heard plenty about the noble sidhe, and we’ll hear plenty more. But spare a moment to think of the plights and pleasures of the common folk! Kicking off the World of Darkness’ “Year of the Reckoning” in 1999 is this week’s offering, Fool’s Luck: Way of the Commoner. It focuses on the history of the other eight (at the time) core kiths in Concordia—and elsewhere in the world!—along with their societies, traditions, and lifeways. This is the book that gave us the tricksy pixies, the Art of Metamorphosis, and more grump war stories than have been seen before or since. And as we meander towards the conclusion of the game’s 2nd Edition, the disappearance of King David continues to hang over the metaplot, as noble and commoner alike prepare for war…

We’re of the opinion that this is one of the more solid books in the line, so if you’re in the mood to snag a copy, herewith the link: https://www.storytellersvault.com/product/131?affiliate_id=3063731. Herewith also the various social media constellations in which you can contact us!

build-a-sluagh contest

As mentioned in the episode’s intro, we are currently holding a contest into the month of October in honor of the spoopiest of kiths, the sluagh. The winner will receive a physical copy of Kithbook: Sluagh, and their character will be showcased on our Discord along with two runners-up. All you have to do is send the following to podcast@changelingthepodcast.com in the body of an email, or as attachment (DOC or PDF only):

  • A sluagh character sheet following standard C20 starting character creation rules; you may add up to 100 experience points’ worth of additional dots if you wish
  • A backstory that describes your sluagh as thoroughly as you’d like—but please try to keep it to five pages maximum!
  • Optional: artwork, a short piece of fiction, a music playlist, or anything else that you think would enrich our understanding of your character

We’ll be taking entries until 10 October and announcing the winners by the end of the month. Send in your skulkiest slinking creepster today!

your hosts

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Sing along with the common people
Sing along and it might just get you through
Laugh along with the common people
Laugh along even though they’re really laughing at you
—Pulp, “Common People”