episode 75 — dark ages: fae

Changeling the Podcast
Changeling the Podcast
episode 75 — dark ages: fae

And now for something completely different…! We’re diving into one of the last books for the old World of Darkness this week—and we do mean OLD, for the book in question is Dark Ages: Fae. Technically a spin-off of Dark Ages: Vampire, and one of the standalone corebooks in the Dark Ages line, this is both the only full Revised book and historical setting that we got for Changeling: the Dreaming. Whether it’s actually the latter is debatable, and we will indeed be keeping its suitability in mind as we flip through the pages. But there are also some hints of bridging the gap between the original run of the game and what came after, notably Changeling: the Lost and C20. We’ll be talking Weavings and Echoes, Oaths and Origins, Firstborn and Fading Realms… whether it works well or not, there’s plenty of material here to consider.

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