episode 78 — changeling: the lost discussion

Changeling the Podcast
Changeling the Podcast
episode 78 — changeling: the lost discussion

Don’t worry, we’re not totally casting off our roots quite yet. While Changeling: the Dreaming was in deep freeze, the mantle of “modern personal horror fae game” was taken up by Changeling: the Lost, a rather different entry in the (new) World/Chronicles of Darkness. At a glance, Lost shares a lot of terms and concepts with Dreaming, but digging into it, the game diverges significantly from its predecessor. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad game! We’re giving it a fair shake this week and talking generally about some of its setting, the unique position it carves out among the lines, and how we feel it relates to Dreaming—especially since this was maybe the primary replacement we had to work with until C20.

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