episode 85 — yours to keep and ready-made characters

Changeling the Podcast
Changeling the Podcast
episode 85 — yours to keep and ready-made characters

Now that we’re through the corebook for C20, other supplements seem like small (but no less nourishing) potatoes. This time around is a double feature: we’re flipping through Yours to Keep, the jumpstart and intro adventure for the edition, and Ready-Made Characters, a set of 13 write-ups (one for each core kith) and sample motleys to use in your game. Joining us is author of the first book, Christine Beard!, who talks about some of the process for reading, running, and writing jumpstart modules like this one. The two supplements feature some solid material to get you into the game beyond the corebook proper, so we encourage you to have a listen and hear what’s what…!

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Josh Hillerup (any pronoun) runs games with ready-mades, but they are not Changeling characters; they are Duchamp sculptures.
Pooka G (any pronoun/they) assumes that a horror RPG jump-start would be called a jump-scare, yes?

End, begin, all the same. Big change. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.
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