episode 88 — kithbook: boggans

Changeling the Podcast
Changeling the Podcast
episode 88 — kithbook: boggans

Yes, we already did an episode on those long-suffering boggans, but don’t you think they deserve another? Having dealt with the fanmade “old” Kithbook: Boggans previously (check out https://changelingthepodcast.com/podcast/episode-77-old-kithbook-boggans/), we are now moving on to the new Kithbook: Boggans, released as a Kickstarter goal for C20. In the spirit of the older editions’ kithbooks, the text deals with boggan history and society, some famous examples of their kith, and tidbits of lore for the discerning crafty-fae. This rounds out at last the full set of kithbooks from the original commoners (because the sidhe had plenty of their own books already), and also our slate of Lost in the Library episodes before our summer hiatus…! So we hope this will tide you over for book content, for the time being.

You can purchase the book at: https://www.storytellersvault.com/product/242685?affiliate_id=3063731

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Pooka G (any pronoun/they) wonders if the Wife of Bath would be on Tinder.

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