episode 23 – kithbook: dullahan with andrew goodman

Changeling the Podcast
Changeling the Podcast
episode 23 – kithbook: dullahan with andrew goodman

We’re hopping momentarily into the 20th Anniversary Edition of Changeling: the Dreaming to talk about a hefty new offering on the Storytellers’ Vault, Kithbook: Dullahan. Ordinarily, we’d probably wait a bit to discuss a new homebrew release, but since this book covers headless horsemen and their ilk, it was too good a fit for our monthly theme to pass over. This episode, we’re fortunate to have the author and illustrator responsible, Andrew Goodman, to chat about his motivations, process, and logic behind the book. You can purchase the book here, and otherwise, here’s the usual assortment of links to our podcast’s presences elsewhere online:

where to find andrew

Andrew, meanwhile, can be found online at:

And possibly also just around Discord, though that might be more rumor than fact…!

more on the dullahan

Andrew mentioned the YouTube show Monstrum as a source of inspiration for this project, in particular their episode on those very same dullahan of Irish lore. Herewith is the video of that episode, in case you’d like to watch for yourself, as a prelude to tumbling down the mythological rabbit hole yourself:

your hosts

Josh Hillerup (any pronoun) would like to point out that there’s an obvious headless horseman connection we could have drawn to a certain modern fantasy media figure, but since we’re contractually forbidden to do so, we’ll just call them “Schnozzgül” and let you figure it out.
Pooka G (any pronoun/they) has only been on a motorcycle (really more of a dirtbike) once, and it (might have) involved some illegal/sketchy border crossing, and let’s leave it (along with the whole being-on-a-motorcycle thing) at that.

“Villainy wears many masks, none so dangerous as the mask of virtue.” —Ichabod Crane in Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow