episode 72.5 — state of the podcast, winterregnum 23-24

Changeling the Podcast
Changeling the Podcast
episode 72.5 — state of the podcast, winterregnum 23-24

…and that’s a wrap! For this year, at least; we intend to be back in a couple of months, after taking our usual winter constitutional. A happy solstice be upon you, and thanks again to everyone for sticking with us through the second half of the Season. We hope you’ll help us make Season 3 one to remember as well.

As reminded in the episode, we are putting together a passel of homebrew books over the course of 2024, for release on a monthly basis in 2025, in celebration of Changeling’s 30th Anniversary. To that end, we are still open to knowledgeable people joining the crew for this project! Please see our public Patreon post at https://www.patreon.com/posts/changeling-30th-92652480 for more information. You’re welcome to toss your name into the hat to help with any of the books listed, or to send us a pitch for another of your own. If you’ve been curious about getting involved in independently-created content for Changeling (or other TTRPGs), maybe this is the time?

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Josh Hillerup (any pronoun) is waiting out the Winterregnum in a fort made of marshmallows.
Pooka G (any pronoun/they) will sacrifice whatever to whomever for a proper snow day this year.

“Never say goodbye, because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting.”
—J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan