episode 33 – the immortal eyes novels

Changeling the Podcast
Changeling the Podcast
episode 33 - the immortal eyes novels

For our last long-form episode of 2022, we’re diving into the library again, but this time we’re headed to the fiction section, and the Immortal Eyes novel trilogy. These books tie in to the three Immortal Eyes setting/chronicle books from 1st edition, fleshing out the story and giving some more options for incorporating the plot (and metaplot) into one’s own chronicle. It was a grand experiment that, while not unsuccessful, is difficult to define in terms of its actual impact on the game line. Nevertheless, they weren’t a chore to read, and we wanted to take some time to discuss them—as well as the overall role of RPG-associated fiction in the game space.

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You can pick up the novels on DriveThruRPG for $0.99 each. As Josh points out, they’re PDFs rather than EPUBs, which makes them tough for some e-readers, but the price is actually significantly lower than what Pooka said on the show (bad research!), so there’s that. Follow the links below:

Additionally, if you want to hear our episodes where we give deep dives into the setting/chronicle books proper and their usefulness for a chronicle, behold even more links…!:

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